2018 - 'Brexit Advent'

four candle flames shining in darkness

'leave' - 'remain' - 'good deal' - 'bad deal' - 'no deal' - These are words we have been pummelled with in recent weeks, as a frenzied barrage of speculation, uncertainty, claim and counter-claim has been unleased upon us. There is no doubt that the nations of the United Kingdom are facing a serious moment of crises, and among God's people, opinion will be no less divided that it is elsewhere.

The quiet and assured lighting of a candle flame, may seem strangely out of place at such a time, yet in many churches and Christian gatherings this timeless tradition will continue. But this is no act of mere escapism or irrelevant ritual - it is precisely because of the turmoil going on around us, that people of faith are invited to be still and re-focus, so that we can view the present realities in their true perspective. The words of Psalm 46 have a particular poignancy at this time …

Nations are in uproar, kingdoms fall …
be still and know that I am God

Click here for today's reflection. We will be offering a different one for each weekday during advent.

You can download a series of readings for the four Sundays of Advent, which are designed to be used while lighting the candles of an Advent wreath. Please feel free to use them in other ways either in communal worship or for personal reflection.

1 - The Candle of Hope

2 - The Candle of Love

3 - The Candle of Peace

4 - The Candle of Joy

5 - The Candle of Christmas

They can also be downloaded with a fuller explanation by clicking here.

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