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Welcome to NWBA
Committed to the values of Christ's Kingdom, NWBA exists to support and enable our member churches in their worship and mission.

News from the North Western Baptist Association

Sharing the Story
Each week we feature a mission story from one of our churches. This week you can find our more about - click here to find out more

This week in NWBA
This week is the regular gathering of the National Settlement Team and the leaders groups of Baptists Together. These are important gatherings as we seek to support churches and ministers in exlporing future opportunities together, and consider the opportunities and challenges that face us as a Union of churches. Here in NWBA our safeguarding and ministry recognitiom working groups are meeting with Core Team and Staffing and Finance group meetings later in the week. We also have another safeguarding training event on Saturday.

Reflections from Remembrance Sunday - 12th November
NWBA Regional Ministers worked with BBC local radio to offer some thoughts and reflections on Remembrance Sunday. You can listen to the act of worship from Radio Merseyside, presented by Revd. Phil Jump on bbc iplayer. Morning worship is the final half hour of the Daybreak programme. You can also read thought for the day, broadcasted by Andrew Dodd on Radio Cumbria via this link.

NWBA AGM 2017 - Update
Our Annual Report is now available to view online.This will be offered for final adoption at our postponed AGM after the next meeting at Council. Click here for more information

North Western Baptist Association 2017